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    We are pleased to tell that our company has an excellent joinery team ready to complete your company's projects. Joinery is the process that comes in after dry lining. When dry-lining doesn't fully cover all aspects of your requirements, joinery will definitely seal the job.

    At P&M Interiors, we'd like to call joinery the art of installing customized door and architrave systems as we proceed our work with high care and a great eye for detail. 'Architrave' is the name given to the material that covers the gap between the door and the wall. We can provide you with detailed or plain architraves; anything is possible.

    When ordering the material to realize these systems, P&M interiors takes all the regulatory requirements in account so that the room will guarantee safety and lives up to the Fire and Acoustic test ratings, supported with evidence and certification signed by the applicable organization.

    Our dedicated team of professionals will make sure to have you advise them what criteria the doors should fulfill to eventually add quality to the room.


    Dry lining implies the process of installing plasterboard on metal frames or timber. As the name already tells you, dry lining is a very 'dry' way of surfacing a wall. Other walls made of brick or blocks use plaster and lath which is wet trade.

    P&M Interiors uses plasterboard instead of cement, wet plaster or sand as we believe it can deliver your company great benefits. Our team of specialists will install it quick and easy with almost no drying time which makes it very cost effective. Subsequently, cracks in walls can't occur. Furthermore, there won't be as much water brought into the building of your company and, very important, dry lining is light weight and very flexible.

    With the benefits mentioned and the skills of our specialists, P&M Interiors guarantees your company success for any dry lining job. Having a look at our projects will give you a confirmation on our experience and capabilities.


    We believe that metal partitioning is especially suitable for office environments since it provides companies with a very functional workplace.

    Using an excellent team of professionals, our company can provide you with metal partitions covered with plasterboard on the sides. P&M Interiors can deliver both flat surfaced partitions and curved partitions. The plasterboard on the side of the partition can be adapted to your any of your company's preferences. Also, we can include insulation favoured by the company in the partition, and the partition is highly unlikely to dry out.

    Hiring P&M interiors to successfully deliver this product, you will save money and time as our team will maximize the cost-effectiveness of the job. Because of our great experience and skills, we are able to give the client what is asked for: perfectly flat, good looking interior of high quality all realized as cost effective as possible.


    Our company offers its service in suspended ceilings because we believe that every job deserves to be finalized in the best way possible. Installing appealing, high quality, cost effective suspended ceilings would complete the job after dry lining, joinery and/or installing other available partitions.

    Using a team only consisting of experienced professionals, we guarantee that your request is in the right hands. Having experience in all parts of interior design helps us deciding what material is best to use, as we want the ceiling to fit fluently in the concerning space.

    But why bother to place suspended ceilings rather than only having a concrete or wooden ceiling? This particular type of ceiling comes with a great amount of benefits. The space created, as suspended ceilings are hung from the initial ceiling joist with a metal grid, give room for pipes, wires and ductwork. This makes it easier to reach for fixing or adding on, and it gives a way more appealing look to the ceiling. Suspended ceilings will improve sound proofing, fire resistance, heating efficiency and moisture resistance.

    P&M Interiors can provide your company with various designs of suspended ceilings, depending on the environment it will be installed in.


    De-mountable partitions are known for being very flexible. As mentioned in the short description, flexibility eventually leads to saving time and money. P&M Interiors' experienced team of professionals is capable to install high quality, appealing and cost effective de-mountable partitions.

    The de-mountable partitions installed by our company mostly consist out of metal studs but can adapt to your company's needs. P&M Interiors' de-mountable partitions are ease to move, can be changed and re-installed. It's the best solution when your company's work floor needs to be flexible and easy to change.

    Hiring P&M Interiors will give you the certainty of a quick, cost effective installation as well as re-installations when requested, al delivered with the highest quality available.